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The AeB Pro Package
Author: D. P. Story
-Dated: 2019-03-21
+Dated: 2021-02-07
The AeB Pro Package complements and extends AcroTeX eDucation Bundle.
@@ -38,6 +38,13 @@ The AcroTeX Blog ( lists the distribution files at, all demo files that use AeB Pro
are listed at
+What's New (2021-02-07) Fix a long time bug of page events.
+What's New (2021-02-04) Updated documentation to reflect new security restriction
+by Adobe Acrobat DC (purchased or updated after December 2020). Authored the document
+acrobat-in-workflow.pdf to explain the procedure to configure Acrobat DC. Creating
+an altnernative name of aeb-pro, to conform to CTAN naming.
What's New (2019/03/21) This new version requires aeb-comment
(version 3.2 of the comment package). Changed the order of
loading of the insdljs package.