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+\def\dps{$\mbox{$\mathfrak D$\kern-.3em\mbox{$\mathfrak P$}%
+ \kern-.6em \hbox{$\mathcal S$}}$}
+\def\AEBP{\app{AeB Pro}}
+\def\jsSupInstr{\tops{{\AEB} and {\AEBP}\\[1ex]}{AeB and AeB Pro: }Including
+ \tops{\app}{}{Acrobat} in the \tops{\LaTeX}{LaTeX} workflow}
+\author{D. P. Story}
+var titleOfManual="Acrobat workflow";
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+\app{Adobe Acrobat} (\app{AA}) is a desktop application that has many
+powerful features beyond the functionality of a PDF viewer. In this article
+the focus is a {\LaTeX} workflow that includes \app{AA} in its workflow.
+{\AEB} and {\AEBP}, as well as other packages written under the {\AEB}
+banner, use FDF files in various situations (as described in
+Section~4).\footnote{An FDF file is a file type that was created by
+\app{Adobe}. The \app{Acrobat} and \app{Adobe Reader} applications can use
+FDF files in various ways.} These packages use \app{Acrobat} to import the
+FDF files to perform designated JavaScript actions as required by the package
+or document author. The importing of FDF files is only needed during the PDF
+creation stage of document development; once the PDF file is created, the
+document can be viewed by \app{Adobe Reader} or any other PDF viewer.
+For FDF files to be imported, the \app{Acrobat} application may need to be
+\section{Configuration of \tops{\app}{}{Acrobat}}\label{s:config}
+The current version of \app{AA} is \app{Adobe Acrobat DC}. In this and
+previous versions of \app{AA} no special configuration is needed; however if
+you purchased \app{AA} after December 2020, or you updated your \app{AA}
+after December 2020, you need to make one change in the \uif{Preferences}.
+ \fbox{\includegraphics[width=.5\linewidth]{figures/SecurityPrefs}}
+ \caption{\tops{\protect\uif}{}{Security (Enhanced) Preferences}}\label{fig:SP}
+Start \app{Acrobat} and open the menu \uif{Edit \ifpdf\texttt{>} \else> \fi
+Preferences} (\uif{Ctrl+K}). In the \uif{Preferences} dialog box, select
+\uif{Security (Enhanced)} category from the left panel; the top most line of
+the right panel is a checkbox labeled \uif{Enable Protected Mode at startup}.
+\emph{Clear this checkbox.}{\def\parboxValign{c}\FmtMP{\app{Acrobat DC}
+users, action required!}}\footnote{When the box is checked, importing FDF
+files, as described in the next two sections, is \emph{prohibited}. We want
+FDF files imported, so we clear the checkbox.} Refer to
+\hyperref[fig:SP]{Figure~\ref*{fig:SP}} for a visual. If this checkbox is not
+present in your \app{Acrobat}, there is nothing to do until this checkbox
+appears in a future updated version of your \uif{AA} application.
+\section{When FDF files are imported}
+It is important to be aware of when and how FDF files are imported, and to
+understand the actions required of the document author in response to this
+``import FDF event.''
+For a document that uses FDF files to perform tasks, the files are imported
+\emph{after} PDF creation when the newly created PDF document is \emph{first
+opened} in \app{Acrobat}, and \emph{before the PDF file is moved to another
+location and before any auxiliary files (the FDF files) are deleted}. Once
+the FDF files are imported, it is important \emph{to save}\FmtMP{Save the
+PDF} the PDF file, this incorporates the results of the actions taken by the
+imported FDF files into the document, actions, such as the embedding of
+document JavaScript.
+Another important point to realize is that the use of FDF files is not
+restricted to the
+\else->\,\fi\app{Acrobat}} method of creating a PDF; indeed, any PDF creator
+used by the {\LaTeX} community may be used, for example,
+\app{pdftex\ifpdf\texttt{->}\allowbreak\,\else->\,\fi\app{Acrobat}}. The
+only prerequisite is to use {\LaTeX} markup that initiates the ``import FDF
+event.'' This markup is available through packages that support it; this
+includes, but not restricted to, {\AEB} and {\AEBP}.
+\section{Applications of FDF files to a \tops{\LaTeX}{LaTeX} workflow}
+With regard to producing a PDF file through a {\LaTeX} workflow, there are
+two important applications to importing FDF files: importing document
+JavaScript and post-PDF creation actions. These two applications to FDF files
+are covered in the next two subsections.
+\subsection{Document JavaScript}
+In this case, FDF files are required only for the \app{dvips\,\ignorespaces
+\fi\app{Acrobat}} workflow; the other PDF creators (\app{pdflatex},
+\app{lualatex}, and \app{xelatex}) have primitives that facilitate the
+creation of document JavaScript without FDF files or \app{Acrobat}.
+For the \pkg{exerquiz} package, part of the {Acro\!\TeX} eDucation Bundle
+(\AEB), creation of Document JavaScript is automatic and invisible for all
+PDF creators; it is only in the
+\app{Distiller}\,->\,\app{Acrobat}} workflow that FDF files are used.
+Document JavaScript, by the way, is code that is embedded in the PDF and is
+available to be called throughout the document. Usually, Document JavaScript
+is general code that is repeatedly used.
+\subsection{Post PDF Creation actions}
+The {\AEBP} Bundle has many ``post PDF creation'' actions, such as auto
+saving the document, importing sounds, attaching documents, inserting pages,
+extracting pages, and many more. With proper {\LaTeX} markup, when the
+document is compiled, FDF files are written to the hard drive, when the
+document is then first opened in \app{Acrobat}, the FDF files are imported
+and the actions are executed. Again, for the FDF files to be imported, they
+must not have already been deleted, and \app{Acrobat} must be correctly
+configured (\hyperref[s:config]{Section~\ref*{s:config}}). One very simple
+example, is automatic saving of the document when \app{Acrobat} is first
+opened. For example, an \pkg{aeb\_pro} document has a \env{docassembly}
+environment that is placed in the preamble. Within this environment, place
+any post PDF creation JavaScript actions:
+console.println("Saving document");
+The \verb~\executeSave~ command is defined by \pkg{aeb\_pro} and its action
+is to save the document. It is the \env{docassembly} environment that writes
+the FDF file that contains its contents. \app{Acrobat} inputs this command on
+opening and the PDF is saved.\footnote{\cs{executeSave} must be the last post PDF
+creation action; otherwise, as later actions may not be executed.}