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The AcroTeX eDucation Bundle (AeB)
Author: D. P. Story
-Dated: 2021-05-15
+Dated: 2021-05-29
AeB contains the following:
@@ -19,6 +19,11 @@ AeB contains the following:
6) Documentation for AeB (AcroTeX eDucatation Bundle) and eforms
(including insdljs and dljslib).
+What's New (2021-05-29)
+ exerquiz: Internal changes to Begin Quiz and End Quiz actions to
+ support eq-pin2corr package. Exerquiz now tracks duplication quiz names.
+ Shift-Begin Quiz now clears the quiz without initializing it.
What's New (2021-05-15)
exerquiz: Some bug fixes.
Defined the new insertAt key of the \bChoices command. See