AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-05-09fmtutil/tlutils: fixes from Karl: wording/doc, better dry-runmerged/fmtutil-improvementsNorbert Preining wording fixes and mktexfmt --help/version supportNorbert Preining
2021-05-09fmtutil: warn on shadowing formatsNorbert Preining
2021-05-09fmtutil: warn on first time user format dumpNorbert Preining
2021-05-09fmtutil: remove todo and add explanatory textNorbert Preining
2021-05-09fmtutil: only try to use TEXMFSYSVAR for mktexfmtNorbert Preining
2021-05-09tlmgr: fmtutil reporting, small changesNorbert Preining
2021-05-09tlmgr: report failed/successfull format builds.Norbert Preining
2021-05-09fmtutil: support --status-fileNorbert Preining
2021-05-09fmtutil: help output in alphabetic orderNorbert Preining
2021-05-09fmtutil: support --dry-runNorbert Preining
2021-05-09tlmgr: inform if commands.log is updated.Norbert Preining
2021-05-09tlmgr: log run commands (without output) to tlmgr.logNorbert Preining
2021-05-09fmtutil: put most important command at head of invocationNorbert Preining
2021-05-09fmtutil/mktexfmt: switch to texmfsysvar if writableNorbert Preining
2021-05-08tl-update-autoKarl Berry
2021-05-08autoupdateKarl Berry
2021-05-08(tl-update-tlpdb) force increased revision after Catalogue change or file rem...Karl Berry
2021-05-08remove stale amd64-netbsd per marcKarl Berry
2021-05-08lua-physical (8may21)Karl Berry
2021-05-08mindflow (8may21)Karl Berry
2021-05-08l3build (8may21)Karl Berry
2021-05-08biblatex-gost (8may21)Karl Berry
2021-05-08tlmgrbasics (8may21)Karl Berry
2021-05-08tikz-cd (8may21)Karl Berry
2021-05-08pgfplots (8may21)Karl Berry Sync sup_param_size and sup_save_size with Kakuto
2021-05-07autoupdate via tlmgr generate _updmapKarl Berry
2021-05-07tl-update-autoKarl Berry
2021-05-07autoupdateKarl Berry
2021-05-07glorious typoKarl Berry
2021-05-07(download_file): also -L to dereference symlink,Karl Berry
2021-05-07PoiretOne.mapKarl Berry
2021-05-07only arabtex.tex is runtime; mail from Arash Esbati, 07 May 2021 11:16:40Karl Berry
2021-05-07aarch 2.70 from jhielscherKarl Berry
2021-05-07no-check-certificate is not pluralKarl Berry
2021-05-07latexindent (7may21)Karl Berry
2021-05-07xintsession (7may21)Karl Berry
2021-05-07ninecolors (7may21)Karl Berry
2021-05-07l3 (7may21)Karl Berry
2021-05-07easybook (7may21)Karl Berry
2021-05-07pxjahyper (7may21)Karl Berry
2021-05-07coffeestains (7may21)Karl Berry
2021-05-07increase sup_save_size to 30m and active save_save to 200kKarl Berry
2021-05-07new section on uninstallation; suggestion from Cyrus Yip, tldoc mail 29 Apr 2...Karl Berry
2021-05-07doc typosKarl Berry
2021-05-07asy 2.70 for *-linux, debian/stretchNorbert Preining
2021-05-06tl-update-autoKarl Berry
2021-05-06autoupdateKarl Berry
2021-05-06(uninstall_texlive): mention that texmfconfig/texmfvar are not touched.Karl Berry