AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-04-25work on win64 supportdev/win64Norbert Preining
2020-04-25fix typoNorbert Preining
2020-04-24autoupdate via tl-update-messagesKarl Berry
2020-04-24tl-update-autoKarl Berry
2020-04-24autoupdateKarl Berry
2020-04-24picture (24apr20)Karl Berry
2020-04-24willowtreebook (24apr20)Karl Berry
2020-04-24embedfile (24apr20)Karl Berry
2020-04-24changelog (24apr20)Karl Berry
2020-04-24pxjahyper (24apr20)Karl Berry
2020-04-24garamond-libre (24apr20)Karl Berry
2020-04-24Tcl GUIs: add browser shortcuts for font scalingSiep Kroonenberg
2020-04-24zziplib 0.13.71Luigi Scarso
2020-04-23tl-update-autoKarl Berry
2020-04-23autoupdateKarl Berry
2020-04-23(tl-update-tlpdb) force increased revision after Catalogue change or file rem...Karl Berry
2020-04-23typo fixes from Tom Rokicki for non-KnuthKarl Berry
2020-04-23use pkfix-helper.pdf from dist as .man1.pdfKarl Berry
2020-04-23cleveref vs. hyperref, tex4ht r686Karl Berry
2020-04-23arara (23apr20)Karl Berry
2020-04-23emojicite (23apr20)Karl Berry
2020-04-23epigraph-keys (23apr20)Karl Berry
2020-04-23tlcockpit (23apr20)Karl Berry
2020-04-23empty dirKarl Berry
2020-04-23[TIE] Add missing comment line to tie.w.Andreas Scherer
2020-04-23[TIE] is not ctie.Andreas Scherer
2020-04-23[TIE] Fix typographic deviations from original tie.Andreas Scherer
2020-04-23[TIE] Push recent changes from tie.w to Scherer
2020-04-23pplib under libs: remove remove unused luapplib.amLuigi Scarso
2020-04-22tl-update-autoKarl Berry
2020-04-22autoupdateKarl Berry
2020-04-22more package dependencies from Qing Lee, 22 Apr 2020 23:08:13Karl Berry
2020-04-22parsa (22apr20)Karl Berry
2020-04-22willowtreebook (22apr20)Karl Berry
2020-04-22tikzlings (22apr20)Karl Berry
2020-04-22tikzducks (22apr20)Karl Berry
2020-04-22reautoconfKarl Berry
2020-04-22ignore autom4te.cache rather than commitKarl Berry
2020-04-22pplib under libs -- better check for pptest1Luigi Scarso
2020-04-22empty dirAkira Kakuto
2020-04-21autoupdate via tl-update-messagesKarl Berry
2020-04-21tl-update-autoKarl Berry
2020-04-21autoupdateKarl Berry
2020-04-21many dependencies from Qing Lee, 21 Apr 2020 22:05:14Karl Berry
2020-04-21rm boxedminipage2e, replaced by boxedminipageKarl Berry
2020-04-21boxedminipage (21apr20)Karl Berry
2020-04-21bearwear (21apr20)Karl Berry
2020-04-21koma-script (21apr20)Karl Berry
2020-04-21pplib under libs -- WORK IN PROGRSS grep '?' out Luigi Scarso
2020-04-21GUI font scaling; change language and font size on the flySiep Kroonenberg