AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-03-10tex4ht r54213 post-freeze fix in tl2019, tlbuild mail from Henri Menke, 3 Mar...branch2019.4Karl Berry
2020-03-09backport \usetikzlibrary fix, tex4ht r671, Berry
2020-03-06branch2019 branch based on r53984Karl Berry
2020-03-01autoupdateKarl Berry
2020-03-01luatexja (1mar20)Karl Berry
2020-03-01empty dirKarl Berry
2020-03-01autoupdateKarl Berry
2020-02-29doc fixesKarl Berry
2020-02-29%%ViewingOrientation comment to cope with wrong Distiller autorotation, if th...Karl Berry
2020-02-29autoupdateKarl Berry
2020-02-29revert to 2019 for one more regular buildKarl Berry
2020-02-292020 pretest setupKarl Berry
2020-02-29emergency update again: r53974 fails 'fmtutil-sys --byfmt (u)platex-dev'Hironobu Yamashita
2020-02-29emergency update: platex 2020-02-29 containing pLaTeX2e <2020-02-02>+3Hironobu Yamashita
2020-02-29dvipdfm-x: revert the commit on 2019-06-30; need to reconsiderHironobu Yamashita
2020-02-29pdftexdir: support system poppler 0.86.0Akira Kakuto
2020-02-29autoupdate via tlmgr generate _updmapKarl Berry
2020-02-29tl-update-autoKarl Berry
2020-02-29autoupdateKarl Berry
2020-02-29(tl-update-tlpdb) force increased revision after removal of filesKarl Berry
2020-02-28frozen=>1 for final freeze of TL2019Karl Berry
2020-02-28back to nbsp, tex4ht r670Karl Berry
2020-02-28zwpagelayout (28feb20)Karl Berry
2020-02-28bib2gls (28feb20)Karl Berry
2020-02-28babel (28feb20)Karl Berry
2020-02-28translations (28feb20)Karl Berry
2020-02-28glossaries-extra (28feb20)Karl Berry
2020-02-28curve2e (28feb20)Karl Berry
2020-02-28babel-greek (28feb20)Karl Berry
2020-02-28latex (28feb20)Karl Berry
2020-02-28expkv-def (28feb20)Karl Berry
2020-02-28ebgaramond (28feb20)Karl Berry
2020-02-28greek-fontenc (28feb20)Karl Berry
2020-02-28junicode, no doc source any more (28feb20)Karl Berry
2020-02-28noto-emoji foundry is google, not noto, sighKarl Berry
2020-02-28File encoded in UTF-8Denis Bitouzé
2020-02-28French translations updatedDenis Bitouzé
2020-02-28French translations completedDenis Bitouzé
2020-02-28French translations updatedDenis Bitouzé
2020-02-28File indented (no content change)Denis Bitouzé
2020-02-28French translations updatedDenis Bitouzé
2020-02-28noto-emoji its own packageKarl Berry
2020-02-28tl-update-autoKarl Berry
2020-02-28autoupdateKarl Berry
2020-02-27noto-emoji foundry=google (27feb20)Karl Berry
2020-02-27latex-git-log (27feb20)Karl Berry
2020-02-27luatexja (27feb20)Karl Berry
2020-02-27nameauth (27feb20)Karl Berry
2020-02-27expkv (27feb20)Karl Berry
2020-02-27domitian (27feb20)Karl Berry