AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
19 hoursdependencies for pgf etc. from henri mHEADtrunkKarl Berry
20 hourspd not copyrightKarl Berry
20 hoursautoupdateKarl Berry
20 hoursbiblatex-vancouver (29may20)Karl Berry
20 hoursanimate (29may20)Karl Berry
20 hourserewhon (29may20)Karl Berry
20 hourspwebmac (29may20)Karl Berry
20 hoursxindex (29may20)Karl Berry
23 hours{CTIE] C and CWEB refreshing for ctie.w.Andreas Scherer
27 hourstl-update-autoKarl Berry
27 hoursautoupdateKarl Berry
34 hours[TIE] Fix copy-paste error.Andreas Scherer
41 hoursdoc update by J\"urgenAkira Kakuto
43 hoursdo not run texlinks if it is not installedKarl Berry
43 hourslatexdiff (28may20)Karl Berry
43 hourszref (28may20)Karl Berry
43 hourspgfornament (28may20)Karl Berry
43 hourstile-graphic (28may20)Karl Berry
43 hoursshowexpl (28may20)Karl Berry
43 hourspoemscol (28may20)Karl Berry
43 hoursapa7 (28may20)Karl Berry
43 hoursmarathi (28may20)Karl Berry
43 hoursbxjscls (28may20)Karl Berry
43 hourserewhon (28may20)Karl Berry
43 hoursdoclicense (28may20)Karl Berry
47 hoursxindy doc and makeindex.xdy updates from J\"urgen S, per source patchesKarl Berry
47 hourssupport :attr on separator markup, from J\"urgen SKarl Berry
47 hourshandle hyperref \see and \seealso, from J\"urgen SKarl Berry
47 hoursdocument :min-range-length none workaround, from J\"urgen SKarl Berry
2 days*cwebmac.tex updates from andreasKarl Berry
2 days[TIE] Reformat table-of-contents page.Andreas Scherer
2 dayslua[...]tex binaries (w32)Akira Kakuto
2 days[TIE] Purge unused variable.Andreas Scherer
2 days[TIE] Complete overhaul of TIE changefile.Andreas Scherer
3 daystl-update-autoKarl Berry
3 daysautoupdateKarl Berry
3 daysmany entity fixes (tex4ht r698), plus new url/copyright for allKarl Berry
3 daysawesomebox support, tex4ht r704Karl Berry
3 daysbib2gls (27may20)Karl Berry
3 daysamscls (27may20)Karl Berry
3 daysnicematrix (27may20)Karl Berry
3 daysbiblatex-software (27may20)Karl Berry
3 daysachemso (27may20)Karl Berry
3 dayslatex-dev (27may20)Karl Berry
3 daysmarathi (27may20)Karl Berry
3 daysfontools (27may20)Karl Berry
3 dayscloze (27may20)Karl Berry
3 dayspgf-pie (27may20)Karl Berry
4 fix undefined vars in some border cases, better warningsNorbert Preining
4 daystl-update-autoKarl Berry