AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
12 hoursRevert accidently committed changesHEADtrunkNorbert Preining
12 hoursupdmap: fix warning outputNorbert Preining
12 hoursfmtutil: warn on shadowing formatsNorbert Preining
12 hoursfmtutil: warn on first time user format dumpNorbert Preining
12 hoursfmtutil: remove todo and add explanatory textNorbert Preining
12 hoursfmtutil: only try to use TEXMFSYSVAR for mktexfmtNorbert Preining
12 hourstlmgr: fmtutil reporting, small changesNorbert Preining
12 hourstlmgr: report failed/successfull format builds.Norbert Preining
12 hoursfmtutil: support --status-fileNorbert Preining
12 hoursfmtutil: help output in alphabetic orderNorbert Preining
12 hoursfmtutil: support --dry-runNorbert Preining
12 hourstlmgr: inform if commands.log is updated.Norbert Preining
12 hourstlmgr: log run commands (without output) to tlmgr.logNorbert Preining
12 hoursfmtutil: put most important command at head of invocationNorbert Preining
12 hoursfmtutil/mktexfmt: switch to texmfsysvar if writableNorbert Preining
13 hourstl-update-autoKarl Berry
13 hoursautoupdateKarl Berry
14 hoursupdate gs diffAkira Kakuto
14 hoursupdate a documentAkira Kakuto
15 hoursrevert to ghostscript-9.54.0.tar.xzReinhard Kotucha
15 hoursApply a patch for Bug 703783 "Segmentation fault with named ANN pdfmark"Akira Kakuto
15 hoursApply a patch for Bug 703783 "Segmentation fault with named ANN pdfmark"Akira Kakuto
16 hoursDowngrade gs-9.54.0 -> gs-9.53.3 due to errors reported by Ulrike FischerReinhard Kotucha
16 hourssupport both http: and https://mirror.ctan.orgKarl Berry
16 hoursupdate mirrors dailyKarl Berry
17 hourseasybook (21apr21)Karl Berry
17 hoursfigchild (21apr21)Karl Berry
17 hoursworldflags (21apr21)Karl Berry
37 hourstl-update-autoKarl Berry
37 hoursautoupdateKarl Berry
39 has gone https-onlyKarl Berry
39 hoursUse https for mirror.ctan.orgNorbert Preining
41 hoursxetexko (20apr21)Karl Berry
41 hoursluatexko (20apr21)Karl Berry
41 hoursprincipia (20apr21)Karl Berry
41 hourseasybook (20apr21)Karl Berry
41 hoursbiblatex-philosophy (20apr21)Karl Berry
41 hoursworldflags (20apr21)Karl Berry
41 hourscircuitikz (20apr21)Karl Berry
3 daystl-update-autoKarl Berry
3 daysautoupdateKarl Berry
3 days(tl-update-tlpdb) force increased revision after Catalogue change or file rem...Karl Berry
3 daysoptex its own format, so directly under tex/ and doc/Karl Berry
3 daysbyo-twemojis (19apr21)Karl Berry
3 daysSync with upstream luatex. Accept par in math after halign and eqn when in su...Luigi Scarso
4 daystl-update-autoKarl Berry
4 daysautoupdateKarl Berry
4 daysmpost 2.01/luatex 1.13.2 btex space fixKarl Berry
4 dayssmflatex (18apr21)Karl Berry
4 dayssiunitx (18apr21)Karl Berry