BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
archive/profile-reworkrename instopt_path to instopt_adjustpathNorbert Preining9 months
branch2015branch2015 branch based on r37491Karl Berry3 years
branch2016tex4htk: add forgotten ChangeLog for r42163Mojca Miklavec16 months
branch2017import critical luatex fixes from trunk to branch2017Karl Berry7 months
dev/translation-as-modulestarting work on TLTranslation.pmNorbert Preining10 months
dvipdfmx-onlytexk/dvipdfm-x: Drop 'CDECL' and use 'static inline'Peter Breitenlohner2 years
embed-subfixes for updmap set/show option on sub-setted valuesNorbert Preining6 months
installer-nonfree-repoinstaller: ask for nonfree repo additionNorbert Preining9 months
masteruptexdir: more suitable testsHironobu Yamashita3 days
rsyncrsync support first shotNorbert Preining6 months
texlive-2017.1commit e0e2c7a1fd...Norbert Preining7 months
texlive-2017.0commit 229cc7587e...Norbert Preining8 months
texlive-2016.0commit 82a790ac44...Norbert Preining20 months
texlive-2015.0commit f3146efd80...Norbert Preining3 years
texlive-2014.0commit cfb8798a15...Norbert Preining4 years
texlive-2013.1commit 5f4a0ec3fa...Norbert Preining5 years
texlive-2013.0commit 0db162e8e7...Norbert Preining5 years
texlive-2011.0commit 01e7819385...Norbert Preining6 years
texlive-2012.0commit b83f904e84...Norbert Preining6 years
texlive-2010.0commit 928f3c3a9b...Norbert Preining7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
3 daysuptexdir: more suitable testsHEADmasterHironobu Yamashita
3 days(e-)(u)pTeX: Add \ptexversion and co. (H. Kitagawa)Hironobu Yamashita
3 daystl-update-autoKarl Berry
3 daysautoupdateKarl Berry
3 daysxepersian (20jan18)Karl Berry
3 daysbidi (20jan18)Karl Berry
3 dayswitharrows (20jan18)Karl Berry
3 dayspstool (20jan18)Karl Berry
3 daysfix wrong runnerNorbert Preining
3 daysupdate tlcockpit to version 0.8Norbert Preining