BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
trunkavoid implicit wait and exit declarations for C99Karl Berry42 min.
dev/win64Implement w64 check according to SiepNorbert Preining8 months
dev/install-tl-interactiveinstall-tl: prefer --paper over env var, warn if both givenNorbert Preining8 months
branch2022branch2022 branch based on r62882Karl Berry10 months
tags/texlive-2022.0texlive-2022.0 tag based on r62882Karl Berry10 months
branch2021.finaltl-update-autoKarl Berry10 months
dev/for-2022Drop unused fancyselector installer optionNorbert Preining11 months
tags/texlive-2021.3texlive-2021.3 tag based on r59744, with pdftex sharable fmt fixKarl Berry19 months
branch2021sync to branch: pdftex 1.40.23 post-release fix for sharable fmtKarl Berry19 months
merged/fmtutil-improvementsfmtutil/tlutils: fixes from Karl: wording/doc, better dry-runNorbert Preining21 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
42 min.avoid implicit wait and exit declarations for C99HEADtrunkKarl Berry
2 hoursbithesis (2feb23)Karl Berry
2 hoursmarkdown (2feb23)Karl Berry
2 hoursyet-another-guide-latex2e (2feb23)Karl Berry
23 hourstl-update-autoKarl Berry
23 hoursautoupdateKarl Berry
24 hoursdvisvgm 3.0.2Karl Berry
27 hoursl3kernel (1feb23)Karl Berry
27 hoursl3packages (1feb23)Karl Berry
27 hoursxduts (1feb23)Karl Berry