BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
trunkFix a bug in obtaining vertical metrics (S. Hirata)Akira Kakuto18 hours
dev/win64work on win64 supportNorbert Preining2 weeks
dev/hybrid-fmtutilpreliminary work on hybrid mode fmtutil, currently brokenNorbert Preining2 months
dev/fix-old-pdftexconfig-paper-configstart thinking about how to fix the old pdftexconfig.tex location bugNorbert Preining2 months
branch2020branch2020 branch based on r54631Karl Berry9 months
tags/texlive-2020.0texlive-2020.0 tag based on r54631Karl Berry9 months
branch2019.4tex4ht r54213 post-freeze fix in tl2019, tlbuild mail from Henri Menke, 3 Mar...Karl Berry10 months
tags/texlive-2019.4texlive-2019.4 tag based on r53984Karl Berry11 months
dev/versioned-containersallow updating revision when catalogue data changedNorbert Preining16 months
dev/ci-docsstart work on CI documentationNorbert Preining17 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
18 hoursFix a bug in obtaining vertical metrics (S. Hirata)HEADtrunkAkira Kakuto
20 hourstl-update-autoKarl Berry
21 hoursautoupdateKarl Berry
23 hoursdisable newcm (otf), tex4ht r869Karl Berry
23 hoursmatapli (21jan21)Karl Berry
23 hourschemnum (21jan21)Karl Berry
23 hourseverysel (21jan21)Karl Berry
23 hoursfancyvrb (21jan21)Karl Berry
23 hoursreledmac (21jan21)Karl Berry
23 hoursteubner (21jan21)Karl Berry