BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
trunkeptex: Remove web2c/eptexdirTakuji Tanaka11 hours
branch2024copy r70880 to branch: fix from ymorimi for dvipdfm-x insertion of the same i...Karl Berry5 days
tags/texlive-2024.0texlive-2024.0 tag based on r70618Karl Berry4 weeks
branch2023.finaltl-update-autoKarl Berry5 weeks
dev/xetex-post-fontconfigxetex postaction: make sure we don't pick up envvarsNorbert Preining8 weeks
dev/tlmgr-bugInitial work towards tlmgr bugNorbert Preining8 weeks
dev/context-auto-buildWIP auto-rebuild context formatsNorbert Preining3 months
dev/check-dir-before-removetlmgr: on update test that we can remove files (deal with ro dirs)Norbert Preining7 months
branch2023propagate luatex 1.17.0 to branchKarl Berry11 months
merged/context-paperadjust tlpsrc entries for new context paper approachNorbert Preining12 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
11 hourseptex: Remove web2c/eptexdirHEADtrunkTakuji Tanaka
13 hourstexmf.cnf: syncAkira Kakuto
13 hourstexmf.cnf: set command_line_encoding = none for ptex, eptex, platex and plate...Akira Kakuto
17 hoursautoupdateKarl Berry
20 hourswriteongrid (13apr24)Karl Berry
20 hoursthesis-ekf (13apr24)Karl Berry
20 hourstagpdf (13apr24)Karl Berry
20 hoursnumspell (13apr24)Karl Berry
20 hoursfancyqr (13apr24)Karl Berry
31 hoursTest for win10 on ARM; rephrasingsSiep Kroonenberg