BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
trunkautoupdateKarl Berry33 hours
branch2019.4tex4ht r54213 post-freeze fix in tl2019, tlbuild mail from Henri Menke, 3 Mar...Karl Berry4 weeks
tags/texlive-2019.4texlive-2019.4 tag based on r53984Karl Berry5 weeks
dev/win64work on win64 supportNorbert Preining3 months
dev/versioned-containersallow updating revision when catalogue data changedNorbert Preining6 months
dev/ci-docsstart work on CI documentationNorbert Preining7 months
tags/texlive-2019.3texlive-2019.3 tag based on r51221 and preceding, with critical (e)(u)ptex fixKarl Berry10 months
branch2019alpine:3.2 for branch per norbertKarl Berry10 months
tags/texlive-2019.2texlive-2019.2 tag based on r51074, with critical dvipdfmx fixesKarl Berry11 months
tags/texlive-2019.1texlive-2019.1 tag based on r51058, with critical dvips fixKarl Berry11 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
33 hoursautoupdateHEADtrunkKarl Berry
34 hourshopefully final fix for installation havocNorbert Preining
35 hoursfixes for tmpdir handlingNorbert Preining
43 hoursautoupdateKarl Berry
43 hoursupdate explanationsNorbert Preining
43 hoursupdate key expiryNorbert Preining
47 hoursautoupdate via tl-update-messagesKarl Berry
47 hourstl-update-autoKarl Berry
47 hoursautoupdateKarl Berry
47 hours(do_postinst_stuff): oops, ensure $env_paper isKarl Berry