BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
trunktl-update-autoKarl Berry22 hours
dev/versioned-containersallow updating revision when catalogue data changedNorbert Preining7 weeks
dev/ci-docsstart work on CI documentationNorbert Preining3 months
tags/texlive-2019.3texlive-2019.3 tag based on r51221 and preceding, with critical (e)(u)ptex fixKarl Berry6 months
branch2019alpine:3.2 for branch per norbertKarl Berry6 months
tags/texlive-2019.2texlive-2019.2 tag based on r51074, with critical dvipdfmx fixesKarl Berry6 months
tags/texlive-2019.1texlive-2019.1 tag based on r51058, with critical dvips fixKarl Berry6 months
tags/texlive-2019.0texlive-2019.0 tag based on r50896Karl Berry7 months
merged/gpg-statusfinish support of expired key warningsNorbert Preining8 months
dev/win64work on win64 supportNorbert Preining8 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
22 hourstl-update-autoHEADtrunkKarl Berry
22 hoursautoupdateKarl Berry
24 hoursdependencies from Cesko VoeteKarl Berry
24 hourstypoKarl Berry
24 hourssyncKarl Berry
24 hoursdatetime2 (17nov19)Karl Berry
24 hoursacronym (17nov19)Karl Berry
24 hourslexend (17nov19)Karl Berry
24 hoursrm tikz-3dtools, library not ready for release per authorKarl Berry
24 hoursetoc (17nov19)Karl Berry