BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
trunktl-update-autoKarl Berry19 hours
tags/texlive-2021.3texlive-2021.3 tag based on r59744, with pdftex sharable fmt fixKarl Berry3 months
branch2021sync to branch: pdftex 1.40.23 post-release fix for sharable fmtKarl Berry3 months
dev/win64Don't try to install tlpsv.win64Norbert Preining4 months
merged/fmtutil-improvementsfmtutil/tlutils: fixes from Karl: wording/doc, better dry-runNorbert Preining4 months
tags/texlive-2021.2texlive-$bt tag based on r$bcr, with mpost 2.01/luatex 1.13.2 btex space fixKarl Berry5 months
dev/post-release-mergetlmgr format rebuild semantics updateNorbert Preining5 months
tags/texlive-2021.1texlive-2021.1 tag based on r58693Karl Berry6 months
branch2020.0tl-update-autoKarl Berry6 months
dev/paper-factorwork on paper splittingNorbert Preining6 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
19 hourstl-update-autoHEADtrunkKarl Berry
19 hoursautoupdateKarl Berry
22 hourslua-uca (16sep21)Karl Berry
22 hourslatexindent (16sep21)Karl Berry
22 hoursluamplib (16sep21)Karl Berry
22 hoursmindflow (16sep21)Karl Berry
31 hours[CWEB] Pre-release of version 4.6.Andreas Scherer
43 hourstl-update-autoKarl Berry
43 hoursautoupdateKarl Berry
46 hoursunicode-data (15sep21)Karl Berry