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+xml2pmx, version 2020-06-29.
+Summary: xml2pmx translates MusicXML into PMX notation.
+MusicXML ( originally
+developed by Recordare and now owned by Finale
+(, is the leading music-data
+exchange format.
+PMX, developed by Don Simons dsimons(at)roadrunner(dot)com,
+is an easy to use, yet powerful preprocessor
+for the music typesetting system MusiXTeX.
+xml2pmx has been developed by Dieter
+Gloetzel with the "Oberon Plugin for Windows
+Version 2.5" of ETHZ Zurich on Windows 10.
+Coverage of MusicXML by xml2pmx
+The following MusicXML features are detected and translated
+to PMX:
+- maximum of 24 staves/voices and 400 measures
+- two voices per staff
+- maximum of two staves per instrument
+- notes and rests up to 64th, including tuplets and grace notes,
+- maximum of 2 dots
+- chords, accidentals
+- some annotations like Fermata, Staccato, Tremolo etc.
+- ties, slurs and beams
+- definition of meter, fifths, clefs and their changes on the fly
+- dynamic marks: hairpins, "ff" etc., piano damping pedal
+- title and composer, and texts above or below the staff
+- barlines, repeats, volta
+- instrument names,
+- origin of XML file copied to the resulting PMX file
+- accepts Windows files (records ended by 0DX OAX)
+This package is based on a runtime system developed by Mike
+Spivey (mike(at) as part of the Oxford Oberon
+Compiler project.
+On Windows or Macs, use the executables provided in the
+relevant folders.
+To build and install an executable xml2pmx on a Linux system
+with conventional development tools:
+ tar xvf xml2pmx-2020-06-29.tar.gz
+ cd xml2pmx-2020-06-29
+ ./configure
+ make
+ sudo make install
+Full details on usage are in the man page. The most
+convenient way to use xml2pmx is with the musixtex.lua
+script, version 0.23 or later, which supports xml2pmx as a
+pre-preprocessor. Version 0.23 of musixtex.lua is provided
+in the scripts folder. On Windows you may have to use it as
+ texlua musixtex.lua something[.xml]
+If it is necessary to edit the resulting pmx file, use the
+-m option.
+The source files for xml2pmx are Copyright 2015-2020 by
+Dieter Gloetzel (d.gloetzel(a) and the source files
+for the runtime system are Copyright 2020 by Mike Spivey
+(mike(a) They may be modified and distributed
+according to the terms of the GNU General Public Licence
+version 3 or at your option any later version.
+musixtex.lua is Copyright 2011-2020 by Bob
+Tennent (rdt(a) and Dirk Laurie
+(dirk.laurie(at) It may be modified and distributed
+according to the terms of the GNU General Public Licence
+version 2 or at your option any later version.
+This README and the man pages xml2pmx.1 and musixtex.1 were
+written by Bob Tennent and may be modified and distributed
+according to the terms of the LaTeX Project Public License.
+Please report problems with the executables or the Linux
+build system to Bob Tennent (rdt(a) Problems
+with the XML to PMX translation should be reported to Dieter
+Gloetzel (d.gloetzel(at)