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mandi provides commands for introductory physics. To install, open a command
line and type the following, repeating 2-4 until there are no warnings:
- 1. lualatex mandi.ins (can also use latex)
- 2. lualatex mandi.dtx (lualatex is required)
- 3. makeindex -s -o mandi.ind mandi.idx
- 4. makeindex -s -o mandi.gls mandi.glo
+1. lualatex mandi.ins (can also use latex)
+2. lualatex mandi.dtx (lualatex is required)
+3. makeindex -s -o mandi.ind mandi.idx
+4. makeindex -s -o mandi.gls mandi.glo
Move the *.sty files into a directory searched by TeX.
The file is not needed.